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Shopdot conforms to the Australian Consumer Law standards for refunds, repairs and replacements. Carefully read the following terms and conditions relating to, the return of an item as they form part of your agreement when purchasing goods or services through the Shopdot website.

ShopDot is a deals based company, we aim to bring products and services of great quality and high recommendations, from promoters of products from an array of merchants Australian, and globally. Shopdot Pty  Ltd, will try to assist you in dealing with any purchase problems, by dealing with the merchants on one’s behalf.
Shopdot is not responsible for; nor accepts any liability for the actions of merchants in dealing with any refund or replacement problems.

Shopdot does not accept products or services for refund due to a change of mind, please consider your purchases clearly.

The issuing of a credit or refund is a sole discretion of the merchant unless its required by law.

Return of Incorrect Items sent my the merchant/ DOA/ ELF
If you purchase a product you believed is faulty at the time of delivery, (DOA) or has experienced early life failure (ELF), different to the size/colour/styles you have ordered
or advertised incorrectly.
*An Early Life Failure (ELF) occurs if an item has become faulty within 14 days of delivery of the item, and is NOT the result of damage caused by the user.

In such cases, you need to email us on contactus@shopdot.com.au , advise the reason you wish to obtain a refund or replacement, Shopdot may need to contact the merchant that has supplied the goods for additional information about an item, and you may be required to supply photographic or video proof of the problem. Please include in your email, whether you like to have the items replaced credited, or a refund.

When Shopdot is satisfied that the problem is valid, you’ll be provided details for returning the item and you will be issued a (Return Merchandise Authorisation) number.
When returning items, it is important to include clearly, the details of your name:- along with the order identification number with the (RMA) to ensure your return is processed fast. Any items without these identifications or return numbers, will be returned back to the sender.

All items returned, must be in its original condition, and included with all the accessories and content booklets along with any free gifts that were included with such purchases.

Some items cannot be returned for refund if they show signs and/or evidence they have been used, and aren’t in the original condition. Eg, an item has been scratched or has signs of damage, it will need to be assessed under applicable warranty conditions.

Shopdot will cover the postage cost of most items, though Shopdot does not accept responsibility for returned goods, until they have been received by (ShopDot). It is also important that returned items are sent, using a registered post service to ensure that your return items have their location verified. If you choose not to send your items via registered post, Shopdot cannot be held responsible for any items that are lost in the mail.

Returns for any other reason

Should you be unhappy with your purchase for any other reason, you will need to email us on contactus@shopdot.com.au and request a return of product. If ShopDot agrees to your request to return an item, ShopDot will then supply you with a RMA number. ShopDot will not be responsible to cover the costs of returning the product as a result of change of mind by the buyer.
It is your responsibility though, to return the item to Shopdot Pty Ltd. in good condition as Shopdot will not be responsible to credit/refund the damaged items.

Any items that is received at (Shopdot) without a (RMA) number will be sent return to sender.
Any items that Shopdot agrees can be returned for change of mind or dissatisfaction will be for a store (credit only) when the product is received in the above mentioned basis.


All goods sold’ come with a warranty that is “provided by the merchants”, Unless otherwise stated, Warranty for all items sold will be 3 months. If a longer warranty is available for a particular item, then this will be disclosed in the advertisement for that item. If you are still unsure of the warranty period that relates to a purchase, please contact Shopdot via email and we will try to provide you information of the warranty to your purchase.


ShopDot will provide you with a tax invoice for your purchases specifying:

1. That it is a tax invoice;
2. That Shopdot is the issuer of the invoice;
3. Shopdot’s ABN;
4. A description of goods/services including the quantity(If applicable);
5. The price of the goods and services;
6. The date of issue of the tax invoice; and

7. the amount of GST (if any) included in the price of the goods and services.

GST will often be included in the price unless the goods are being supplied by an overseas merchant.

Where goods are supplied by an overseas merchant, they will ordinarily be delivered by international mail, any applicable taxes will be added at the time of checkout. Shopdot bears no responsibility for any GST or customs duty liability arising in relation to goods delivered from overseas merchants


All promotional coupons/codes/vouchers issued  from Shopdot website are promotions that are offered to customers below their face value and shall be subject to the terms and conditions of Shopdot.

Shopdot held no responsibilities for any promotions offered directly by merchant/s and will be the responsibility of the issuing merchant/s.